Wendy is a Professional Photographer with a heart of gold and lives with her 2 kids, husband, cat, dog and other funny farm animals in Arkona, Ontario.


Q - What has been your biggest struggle personally and professionally?


W - Wow!  Personally, its been completely and utterly accepting myself in my own weirdness. Understanding that I never belonged inside anyone’s box, but people put us in their boxes and sometimes we try to make them happy...it’s all part of learning.
In business it’s the organization, workflow, marketing and words...basically I’m a super creative, but everything that isn’t pictures can be a struggle.  I'm happy this is a Q&A haha!


Q - How did you know that photography was for you?

W - I was forever doing it and taking pictures...I’ve always enjoyed creating and displaying how the focus is beautiful. Everything is beautiful, and it is up to us to see it.


Q - What work that you do are you most passionate about?


W - I am most passionate when I work with women. My end goal is always that the woman sees herself the way everyone else in her life does.  Whether that is the spark she gets in her eye when she talks about her passions, the connection with her family, the secret sultry of boudoir...or the life journey itself. Why wouldn’t we all honor what sparks our lives alive and show that off?

Q - Do you have any projects you are passionately working on right now?

W - I do!  I have two on the go that I just LOVE and both are pushing my boundaries, so I am growing too!  The first is a passion project I have been thinking about for a few years now called Wise Woman Project, which is a collection of 50 images of women over 50.  My vision for this project is to help people see HOW life isn't over after you turn 20...that when your kids leave home there's still a lot of life left.  This will be an opportunity for these women to share their story too.
The second passion project I am working on commemorates and thanks our Essential Workers in ways that are meaningful to them, by sharing images and stories of those who have continued to work through this pandemic (all services that were essential for our communities to run) and providing each participant with a special thank you in return...like a gift certificate for a date night with their significant other, movie tickets, a babysitter for an evening, or
local products and services from businesses near where they live.  This project is turning into something really really big and I'm really excited to be part of it!

Q - Why have you chosen to engage these two projects now?

W - Because I hate that I am not doing anything, I really miss photography and I just want to shoot.  I want to help people feel good, proud, appreciated and honoured.  I want to give people the opportunity to feel held for a little while, without touching.

Created by Fyreniska 2020