I am the bridge that takes you from who you are now to your next level.

I am the fire you feel while you are in the "hot seat" getting to know yourself deeper than ever before.

I am the perspective that offers you lighter way.

I am.

Transformation is no easy task.
It is simple.
It is deep.
It is life altering.

I support women to make space for themselves, deepen their personal connection, and rise up into their power using a proven combination of Past Life Healing Sessions, Awakened Word Study, Listening to Reflect For You, Custom Spiritual Exercises and Time.

There is no magic pill that will tansform anyone who is not yet ready.  This work is

Transform with Jessica Smalls
provides you with laser focused guidance so you can shift into your most powerful place and live from there.


One Past Life Clearing session per month (2 hours), plus additional email support throughout the month is enough for even the most seasoned deep divers.



$222 per month

Offered in sets of 3 & 5 ONLY

Call for your complimentary
20 minute Discovery Call
with Jessica Smalls
(519) 312-1519

I currently have space for 3 additional private clients.

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