Our Story

The School of Magic became an idea when 8 students and 5 teachers gathered together for the very first Wizarding Weekend at Spirit Academy in 2019.  At this weekend event, enrolled students had a immersive experience into the world of magic, while learning about important everyday concepts like growing and planting herbs, creating nutritious food, maintaining strong energy, and a general understanding of essential oils and their uses.

The students loved the experience and more weekends were hosted with great success!

When business halted early in 2020, The School of Magic almost disappeared.  Once the dust of global quarantine had settled, Director Jessica Smalls set to work.  She reached out to fellow entrepreneurs who had volunteered to be professors in the original weekends and they loved the idea of The School of Magic and 100% of them agreed to support this initiative.  The School of Magic is now becoming a glimmer of hope for students that love learning about the magic of themselves, the world around them and the interconnection of all things.

Coming October 2020

Join The School of Magic and begin your learning adventure with one or all of our professors!  Badges are achieved for completing courses and you can always work toward your Certificate of Learning, which is awarded when students earn 3 Badges in the same field of study.

Anticipated Fields of Study

We have a variety of courses available from Professors who walk their talk every day.  These include and are not limited to:


Properties, benefits and uses of essential oils and other alternative healing compounds.

Professor Smalls

Food Magic

From the way our food grows to the energy we prepare and eat it with, Professor Soutter is here to share how to make powerful, simple and tasty food choices!

Professor Soutter


From seeds to fruit and back to seeds again, Professor Smalls & Professor Soutter share what we can grow and how we can learn what we know through our relationship with the plant spirits around us.

Professors Smalls & Soutter

Power Plays

From positive thoughts to powerful words, the energy of you and how it all works, Professor Smalls shares the many ways you summon the magic within you.
Professor Smalls

Mindful Magic

From keeping our minds in our present moment to clearing old thoughts and beginning new habits, Professor Simpson-Campbell has decades of learning to share.
Professor Simpson-Campbell

Coming Winter Courses 2020


We are currently accepting video submissions for additional courses being added to our library!!

Possibilities for new winter courses include:


Yoga & Self Regulation
Mathematically Magic
Belly Dancing
Biz Kids

and more!



Created by Fyreniska 2020