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Have a look at the 3 Big Things I am currently working on!

They are a bit education, a little bit local food resourcefulness and a little bit business.

It's all fun for me!

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Healing Music

~Happy Summer Solstice~

The following album is available for sale as my special Solstice Gift to You!
This is a LIVE, unedited, imperfect album and my first.
The first 3 songs are The Healing Set that I played every day while I was eradicating cancer.  For 18 months I sang the first 3 songs in this album and drummed along.  Alone, these three songs assisted me in remaining in my power during my healing time AND helped me spin my mind to the positive focus of a bright and healthy future.
Every song in this album is a Jessica Smalls Original with important meanings and light coded messages included.  These songs all touched a deep place in my heart, which is why I am sharing them with you.

Play this album right from here for FREE
(it will play in the background on your device while you browse other windows too!)
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Whatever you decide, Enjoy!
Jessica Smalls    xo

Created by Fyreniska 2020