Spirit Song Download

Spirit Song Download


Your Spirit Song exists in the energy all around you and throughout the multiverse, everywhere you have ever been.  Jessica can hear the spirit songs of others and has developed her voice as an instrument to share the sacred sounds of your spirit with you.  Often accompanied by traditional hand drum, your Spirit Song is recorded LIVE and delivered UNEDITED.  It is sure to give you shivers and is 100% your song.  Jessica relases all righs to this song directly to you.


Once you purchase and pay for this product, your download will come via email directly from Jessica's studio email which is fyreniska@gmail.com.  The download that will be provided to you in your confirmation email is the image of the Spirit Song Download that is utitilized for advertising.  As this is a custom item for each purchase, it will be made available within 48 hours of payment received.
Thank you for your understanding.


    Created by Fyreniska 2020