Lung Clear Potion

Lung Clear Essential Oil Blend is for anyone dealing with congestion in the sinuses and/or lungs.
If healthy and strong breathing practices are a healing modality you are pursuing
If you are tired of feeling like you cannot take a full breath

Lung Clear is the Potion for you!
Rich in decongestant and expectorant magic, this potion is sure to clear your breathing passages, assisting in a clearer and deeper breath over time with regular breathing practice.

Are you moving through grief in your life right now?
The lungs often become congested when grief is coming up for us.  Utilize some of this blend in a nebulizer or mister to breathe in this remedy for assisting us to move through grief.
**Pair this product with Trauma Relief for powerful support for your body while greiving - Trauma Relief can be found for sale at The Green Way Apothecary online.


    Created by Fyreniska 2020