Heart Of The Grandmother EO Blend

Heart Of The Grandmother EO Blend

Heart of the Grandmother is a special blend of essential oils that are designed to prepare the Grandmother's Heart for opening and remaining open to give and receive unconditional love throughout her elder years.  With oils of wintergreen, geranium and ylang ylang, this special blend surrounds the wearer with calm and loving energies.

Intended only to be worn by women aged 50+ or those that are already Grandmothers.
Do Not Use on the skin of children, contains wintergreen essential oil.

Available in Sample Size which is UNDILUTED and Roller Ball which is DILUTED with carrier and safe for direct application to skin.

Clean Bottle Return Available.

  • Bottle Return

    When you send your CLEAN bottle back, we will fill it up and return it to you for the refill price!

Roller Bottle

Created by Fyreniska 2020