DIY Website Design & Domain Hosting

If you chose the Virtual Partner DIY option, then here is your website design how to link.
Step one: Create your own wix account.
Step two: Begin exploring templates until one calls to you, and get started!


Basic information about your website address and how it works. If you choose to use Spirit Academy for domain hosting, you can purchase your private domain (.com, .ca, .net, .org, .tv, .io, etc) through or any other compatible domain rental sites on the web.


Wanting to rebrand? Here is how you rename your site within the Wix platform. This is different than changing your domain or .com.



Wix Ecommerce Blog

Your one stop link to everything you need to know about setting up and managing your online store. The very last link is sharing your store with the world. Remember you do not need additional fees. Wix will market to you, and it is helpful to look at the way you are being marketed to as a tool for your future learning.

Adding ADD TO CART buttons


Setting Up Facebook Ads for your store


Using Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your online store


Creating a Facebook Ad Campaign for your store




Services: Getting started.


Creating an Online Service


Creating an Appointment in Bookings


Utilizing Zoom in your Online Service Experience


Reminder emails for bookings: set up

Accepting Bookings




Creating a Course in Wix Bookings


Current work around for offering Online Courses straight from your website.


Adding Classes to your offerings



Adding a members area to your site


Membership Plans & Packages


Your Membership/Package: Adding a Free trial period


Recurring Plans & Pricing




Add a virtual tour of your space of up to 3 - 360 degree images for free (additional require an additional app)

Adding a video channel for your online marketing


Budgeting for Facebook Ads





Wix App


Viewing and managing purchased pricing plans (memberships and packages) in the wix app


Managing Bookings inside the app


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