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Jessica has spent 11 years supporting people to step into their best health possible and refers to herself as a Medicine Woman.

Personally, Jessica supported herself to reverse Degenerative Osteoarthritis and heal Thyroid Cancer with a combination of supplements, herbs and natural medicines. 

In 2010, Jessica completed her studies as a Clinical Herbalist Practitioner and has continued her learning over the years with wild and grown medicinal plants.  She has also been working extensively with essential oils utilizing French Medical Aromatherapy methods.  Jessica has studied for the last 10 years in the Lakota Sioux Shamanic Tradition as well.  She makes herself available to help people learn how to craft what will help them most, whether that is energy medicine, herbs, wild medicines or essential oils.

H&B Naturals is the company that Jessica supports, sells and receives commissions from.  They have a fabulous powdered multivitamin called Nourish that she trusts her post cancer body with and is great for the whole family.


To receive custom support with energy medicine, wild and grown medicinal plants, or essential oil blends and what that might look like for you, Jessica is a simple phone call away.  Reach out to at 519-312-1519 for a quick chat to find out if Jessica can support you on your journey back to health.

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