Jessica   Smalls

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About Jessica

Jessica is a Channel, Teacher, Author, and Artist.  These days her life is full of creating art by connecting people to their online revenue stream as a Web Designer and Business Support, and working on recording transformational and healing music in her spare time.  Jessica loves nature and solitude, and lives with her 3 kids, husband, dog and fish in Petrolia, Ontario.


Q - What has been your biggest struggle personally and professionally?


J - Personally it's been sorting out the voices in my head, identifying which ones to listen to, and which ones to investigate and eliminate from my mind.  It has also been to completely honour and nourish my physical body above all else...choosing wellness over quick and easy, relearning the messages from my body and what they mean for me.
Professionally it's 100% over commitment on my part because I feel the excitement, see the possibilities and love supporting people to step into their next level in business and I stay hyper vigilant of over committing myself by following my
3 Things Rule.


Q - How did you know what you wanted to be?

J - I had all kinds of ideas as a young child about what I would artist, a designer, a doctor, a helper...and one day as a child I remember saying that I wanted to be everything.  So, in the spirit of being everything and fulfilling my childhood dream, I have learned at every opportunity I have had over my nearly 40 years, and hold many qualifications that I use altogether in my own artistic way.  I say these days that I want to be me...and I strive to move toward feeling good in my skin and what I do.


Q - What are you passionate about?


J - I am most passionate about creation...nearly every aspect of it...from growing food and medicines in my backyard, feeding my family wholesome deliciousness so they eat everything they need and develop a sacred relationship with their food and food sources.  I am passionate about guiding my children, being here to provide them with comfort, laughter, and celebration for their successes. 
I am crazy passionate about health in all four quadrants (my belief system separates all of life into 4 core areas congruent with the 4 directions) of my life: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 
I am passionate about my relationship with myself because my whole world reflects it back to me.

Q - Do you have any projects you are passionately working on right now?

J - Yes.  I just finished creating my first ALBUM called 2020 Vision:  Solstice Songs.  It's available for download now!  I am also working two passion projects.
The School of Magic is my BIG dream!!!  I am creating an engaging online learning platform with an amazing group of educators and professionals.  Our purpose is to help prepare kids with the wisdom and experience that magic is inside them, around them and in all connections.

Q -  Do you really love what you do?

J - Almost as much as the air that I breathe and just a bit less than how much I love my family.  My life is full of variety and doing what matters most to me while feeling good about it.  I consider my whole life to be my dream come true!


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