Are you aware of the POWER you have access to within the ENERGY that you are?  Do you want to experience your life of ease and abundance?  Your Purpose is INSIDE you, and it's my MISSION to support you to discover and EXPRESS it.

I am here for you and committed to YOUR transformation.  All my services are available in person, by phone or by video.  I currently serve customers in Canada, Vietnam, Korea and Africa.

I look forward to meeting you in the Transformation Chair,

Jessica Fyreniska Smalls

Spiritual Development Specialist


Private Services

Transformation Packages
Transformation services are only available to those who are walking their sacred path, red road and/or mission in this lifetime.  These sessions will shift you into your next level of awareness directed by your intentions, attention, and focus.  Preparation and aftercare rituals are to be observed for ease of process for you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The degree of shift reflects the amount of rest and care you will need to provide yourself for up to 5 days after each session. 
**For Sensitives ~ Choosing multi-session packages will allow your shift to be more gradual and more gentle.

~ 3 Session Transformation ~
$747 ~ Up to 8 hours Energy Assistance
~ 5 Session Transformation ~
$987 ~ Up to 13 hours Energy Assistance
Transformation Support Program
Transformation Support Program supports the practitioner to prepare, provide and support transformative experiences.  This program is ONLY available to those who have been successfully walking their sacred path for a minimum of 3 years and have created space in their life to devote themselves to the service of others, with a ME FIRST attitude of gratitude.  Supporting space for transformation is a sacred art, which is utilized to support you through your own process.
~ You First ~
30 hours Energy Assistance & Training
3 Major writing assignments
One Big Ceremony
Duration Options:  3, 6, 9 & 12 months
Exchange:  $2,547

~ Certified Transformation Support Provider ~
20 Hours in the Learning Portal
10 Paid Transformation Sessions
3 Observed Transformation Sessions
6 Major writing assignments
One Massive Ceremony
Duration Options:  You Set The Pace

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Classes & Courses

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