Jessica   Smalls

Earth Connection Visualization

THANK YOU for listening today!

I LOVE to reward those who make the effort to take care of themselves, learn something new or support a member of their community.

Below is your Complimentary download just for YOU! 

This recording is certain to provide a grounding experience every time you listen.  Grounding is an important part of balance in life.  In the winter it can become especially difficult to get "out there" and enjoy nature and still remain connected through all the layers we wear to keep us warm.  Enter our powerful mind!  Imagining you are connecting to the Earth, though not exactly the same, can be a significantly grounding experience as well! 

Sit back, relax into it and ENJOY!

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Check out Jessica's first LIVE album entitled 2020 Vision:  Summer Solstice Songs


Created by Fyreniska 2020