Would you like to become a Virtual Partner with Spirit Academy?

Virtual Partnerships reflect a commitment to increase our collective network locally and globally.  By ensuring community can connect with more local independent businesses, we increase our chances of being successful.

Virtual Partnerships provide the support you need to get your business online whether you provide a service, art gallery, physical and/or digital products, classes,  courses, memberships, or an online store.


We keep our turn around time for website launches to 31 days from the date businesses begin working with our web developers.


All our Virtual Partners receive support through our Business Incubator Membership online, which provides ethical marketing training & strategies, encouragement and intuitive business supports. 


Whether you are starting on the ground with your idea, or have been working with a customer base, Jessica is the gal that can connect to your vision and provide the support you need to make it all a reality online...in 31 days or less.

Virtual Partnerships begin with one of the following start up packages:

Please Do It For Me

Help Me Learn
I'm Good - DIY

Your start up package is designed to get you through the first month the way that works best for you.  If you choose the Please Do It For Me or the Help Me Learn Package, then you are guaranteed to have your website created and operational in 31 days or less.
Choose the DIY and you are 100% responsible for getting your business online at the best pace for you.


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