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I have always been attracted to the heart beat in music.  I was fortunate to rise up in a highly musical family and I received Royal Conservatory Training in piano and theory.  

I took my first Drum Facilitator Training Course in Toronto with Simon Faulkner in 2018 for my own healing, which was where I learned about The Prophesy of 8000 Drums from South America.

After those first full body shivers, I returned home, found a supplier for traditional hand drum kits and made my very first drum.  I knew deep down in my bones that I am meant to get drums into the hands of women, the original drummers, so we can assist in healing our Mother Earth vibrationally.

While I was building my first drum, I was overcome with emotions, images and stories.  Once my first drum was complete I wrote everything down.  These writings became part of the Drum Making Workshop package that I support today.

Once I began playing the drum I made, I started channeling whole songs and writing others especially for empowerment.

Please enjoy the following album that I share freely with those interested in my work.  It has musical errors in it, however the first 3 songs are The Healing Set that I used daily to restore my own health.

As a Metis woman, it is my responsibility to myself and all people, to share the messages that come through me.  It is my responsibility to be a Wisdom Keeper when and where I can be, even though no physical person has bestowed upon me this responsibility.  It has not been an easy path to walk, however no worthwhile path is ever easy, so I continue with my head held high and a soft heart.

Each Drum Making experience with me is full of laughter, love, creativity and empowerment.  The drum allows each of us to connect our power back to the heart beat of our Mother Earth and back to our childhoods so we can learn how vital it is to be heard, quite the opposite of "being seen and not heard".

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