Whether you made it here by happenstance or intentionally by joining the 13 Moon Transformation Path Info Group on Facebook, you are here for a reason.  Maybe because you are searching for wholeness?  Maybe you want to deepen your connection to Spirit or our brilliant Mother Earth?
Maybe, just like me, you have always lived with a lingering feeling that some part of YOU is untapped.

I lived with missing pieces until I was 27 years old.  I was born in the early 80's, a middle daughter with gifts that I didn't feel safe to share with anyone.  I could see Spirits, I could hear them, I could smell them and I spent most of my life trying to run away from them, and most importantly, from ME.

It wasn't until I became pregnant with my first child that I became interested in the idea of energy as a modality to change.  When I gave birth to my now 11 year old first child, I woke up in a way I had never before.  I became aware of the parts of me that were missing, the parts that were hidden and the parts that I was actively ignoring about myself.  I held my newborn that first day alone, feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and thought to myself, "there has got to be more to this than I know."

There was.

Over the next 11 years, I dove into Reiki, Shamanism and personal development trainings in addition to getting into business for myself after feeling like I was selling my soul teaching, guiding and supporting in someone else's way.  I discovered a child within me, scared and abused, and feeling disoriented because she never felt good enough.  I discovered a woman within me, just emerging, that had absolutely zero knowledge of who she was or what she was here for.  I discovered a screaming wise woman, bursting to emerge from layers upon layers of cocoons that had been ripped open in the middle of many transformations that never came to be.

Slowly, step by step, I honoured this child.  I learned to play.  I learned to accept my past.  I remembered.  I removed shreds of old ideas and who I could have been.  I let go of all the if onlys, and the story of never served me.  Slowly, step by step, among a safe and accepting community that supported, guided and taught me, I completely uncovered myself from the layers of societies harms.  I had an opportunity for a do over.

I grabbed it and never looked back.

Over the next 13 Moons, I will share with you lessons, transmissions, upgrade codes, and support to understand where you are, so YOU can be ready to grab

YOUR DO OVER and SHINE yourself forward!

Here is what I bring forward:

Exploring your sacred inner world

Learn to make noise and be heard

Speak your truth while being accepted and respected

Developing your own sacred tools for your own healing

Transform to the next luminous version of you

We will intentionally engage in discussing the following guidebook for life, Foundation of Fire: How To Step Into Your Personal Power & Manifest Your Dreams, Heeding the Call and The Successful Healer.

You will intentionally create the following tools:

Earth Rattle
Hand Drum
Feather Wand
Sacred Water Bowl

Each tool is a sacred piece of Imperfect Art that speaks volumes about the energy of you, while supporting you to move through the pressures of tough moments in life and helping you find your way back to joy and empowerment as often as possible.

Do you crave a safe, accepting and connected online community of women?

Do you want to follow the natural rhythms of the stars and the moon?

Do you need to make time for you alone and connect to your soul?

We've got you covered:

Full Moon Manifesting Circles
New Moon Healing Circles
Spring Equinox Retreat
Fall Equinox Retreat

13 Moons Transformation Community Online

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Live To Transform Members receive:

Weekly Psychic Development Exercises
Daily Meditation Prompts
Daily Mirror Ritual Prompts
Original Healing Music

If you are choosing to join me, applications are available for you now.

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13 Moons Transformation Path:  $4,427

This 13 Moon Transformation Path will begin on August 18th, 2020.

This ENTIRE COURSE can be completed in the privacy of your own home.

Incredible things happen when we

step out of the Self we created

and allow the Spirit we are to thrive.

Blessings Always,

Jessica Fyreniska Smalls

13 Moons Transformation Path Application

Created by Fyreniska 2020