Outdoor Meditation

Time To Be

There are galaxies of information inside each and every one of us.  In fact, these galaxies hold the many inner realities we all learn about as we move on our inner journey to our Guide Inside. 

Each awakening is unique and changes the way we view and relate to the world and ourselves.  An awakening can be generated by learning one of the many varieties of energy medicine available today, being faced with the sensitive nature of life and experiencing trauma.  Awakening can feel difficult, heavy and scary, as well as ecstatic, light and exciting.  What's common about an awakening is that we CHANGE.

Our Guide Inside holds all our answers and is the ONLY voice qualified to GUIDE us on our journey.

Spirit Academy is the local safe space to discover, explore and adjust with personal empowerment and growth by participating in group programs that blend brain-body connections, energy pathways, sounding and sharing with an intuitive and experienced facilitator.


It is time to BE



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Created by Fyreniska 2020